Update: Coronavirus Impact on Global Trade Operations

Dear Valued Customer, 


The OEC Group continues to monitor the evolving effects that the Coronavirus is having on global trade.


Our experience with past emergencies has helped us prepare for the current situation. Already, the company has launched its crisis response systems, which allows us to identify hotspots and affected shipments within the supply chain as well as mobilize our employees to be able to deal with any situation that may affect our clients.


Currently, every one of our offices is fully operational. However, should the need arise, all our employees have the capability to work remotely. Therefore, in the event of a mass quarantine, OEC Group will still be able to operate at full capacity, which will allow us to continue to service all our clients around the globe.


We will continue to closely watch the situation and issue periodic updates as we know more about how your business may be affected by the Coronavirus crisis. Please feel free to contact your sales or customer service representative if you have any questions.



Thank you.



Sincerely yours, 


OEC Group


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