President's Message

Robert Han

Before OEC Group took root decades ago, I began my career in shipping at Jardine, Matheson & Co Ltd. During those formative years, I watched Taiwan’s economy develop and prosper through the growth of international trade, manufacturing and cooperation with importers from across the globe. Each year, the volume and value of goods imported and exported from Taiwan continued to grow at a record breaking pace. However, foreign logistics companies dominated international shipping. In order to regain the market share, OEC Group was created in June 1981 to provide Taiwanese customers with competitive, service-oriented global logistics solutions.

Beginning with only 5 employees, we built the company on the fundamentals of trust, service, efficiency, and competitiveness. OEC group quickly earned a strong reputation with our customers. OEC Group grew each year, rapidly rising up the ranks by opening new branches in the United States, Europe, South East Asia and China while continuing to maintain and provide the excellent service to our local customers as well as our new international customers had grown to expect.

We aim to provide the customer with not only an economical solution, but also an efficient solution. We join forces with most global carriers, allowing us the flexibility in meeting our customers’ requirements.

In response to the ever changing expectations of our customers, OEC Group also continues to invest in information technology solutions. We persist in upgrading our software and hardware to provide a convenient, accurate and efficient platform for exchanging cargo information. We are a leading provider of AMS/ISF/AES, customs brokerage, and marine cargo insurance, with an experienced team of professionals who are able to minimize the trade risks in advance for our clients. In addition, our state-of-art P.O management and cargo tracing systems also empower our clients, specifically by enhancing visibility of their entire global supply chain at the fingertips.

I would like to thank all of the employees at OEC Group for their incessant dedication to provide the best service to all our clients. I would also like to thank our customers for their unwavering trust and support over the past decades, allowing us to be your top choice in the Transpacific market.