Corporate Responsibility

OEC Group is specialized in Freight & Logistics but also well-known among peers as listed as Top of NVOCC worldwide. OEC Corporate Philanthropy is to participate in social activities with enthusiasm, and sharing social responsibility. The core value of OEC Group is to “give and take” from the community and what we do for the society are as follows:

  • Improving staff’s working environment and a good medical insurance coverage as employees’ welfare. OEC is like a big family to share same values with same vision.
  • Hosting domestic and international tournaments without revenue such as Kaohsiung OEC OPEN & OEC OPEN WTA 125k Serials, tournaments are open to the public without selling tickets.
  • Sponsoring community Events, focusing on green issues and promote green products.
  • Donation on innovative Medical equipment, such as Rehabilitation Vehicles.
  • Purchasing mini-van in order to help students commute easily in remote Villages.

OEC Group vows to devote ourselves not only in economic development but also accumulating strengths from everyone in OEC to give their best and love to the society.

OEC Group's influence does not stop within its organization; it reaches the communities it serves. Inspiration to achieve, dedication to win and extending a hand to the people less fortunate are part of the programs that OEC Group is involved with. The following are some of OEC Group's signature philanthropy programs that demonstrate our legacy of giving.

OEC Tennis Tournament

In 2007, Robert Han, the Chairman of OEC Group, organized the first Women’s ITF tournament with a prize of $50,000 plus a hotel stay in Taiwan. Since then, OEC Group has hosted the women’s tennis tournament every year. It has become an important event and is recognized by the WTA and famous players globally. Since 2012, the tournament has been upgraded to the WTA Challenger with a prize of $125,000 plus hotel. With support from the Sports Administration, Ministry of Education and Taipei City government, Taipei Arena has turned into a professional indoor women tennis facility and has created a historical legacy for Taiwan Tennis Sports.


In addition to WTA Challenger, OEC Group has been hosting the ATP Challenger since 2012. The winning prize is over as $125,000 plus hotel. All OEC Group tournaments benefit the public by offering free admission. The tournaments not only encourage Taiwanese Tennis players to level up, but they also create a stage for international players to fulfill their dreams. The spirit of “Believe & Achieve” is for people with dreams who never give up.