OEC Technical ServicesAnd Disaster Relief ServicesOEC Technical Services (OTS) is both an on-site and virtual consulting service that helps clients limit damage to their cargo by identifying weaknesses during the packing process. The service also offers on-site assistance from experts to clean up and salvage damaged cargo for those who did not properly identify weaknesses.Additionally, OTS offers disaster relief solutions designed to help the moment after disaster occurs. We have stationary, mobile, and long-term kits for use as needed that cover all potable water needs following natural disasters, acts of war, or any other emergency crisis.For more information please click here
Our highly qualified technical teams are trained to assist with every form of cargo transportation. Whether you’re looking for assistance loading freight onto a truck, transitioning to rail, or even transferring freight between containers or other storage units, we have the solution. This service can potentially help shippers throughout the industry save billions of dollars annually.
Our Services
When it comes to your cargo, our main priority is to make sure it gets delivered in the same condition it was received. The best way to accomplish this is to plan for every conceivable incident that could harm your cargo, as doing so will allow us to identify all the potential dangers and strategize accordingly. As a result, we make sure your cargo is packed properly so that no damage occurs while in transit. The secret is being able to identify every possible short-and-long-term issue, because knowing the landscape that affects your cargo will enable us to plan against anything that can cause a negative incident.
Pre-planning is also essential when it comes to disaster relief. Our kits are designed to keep you prepared in the long-term, and we can work with weather reports to plan in advance for on-site services carried out by OTS experts.
Damage Assessment & Cleanup
As every single participant in the supply chain sector knows, some things are simply out of your control. Even if all protocols are followed to a T, we are battling the elements, third party equipment, and a host of other variables that can change in an instant. Fortunately, OTS can help achieve your best-case scenario, but we also have your back in the worst-case scenario. In these situations, unprepared shippers can be responsible for all associated costs and cleanup operations. OTS will create strategies to minimize risk, develop plans for worst-case scenarios, and even deploy to the scene immediately if anything does go wrong. Here are some things that we have handled in the past:
iconTransfer from Damaged Container to New Container
iconCompletion of Halted Shipment
iconSpill Analysis and Cleanup
iconEnvironmental Impact Evaluation
iconSevere Weather Assistance
Operational Consultation
OTS is specifically designed to neutralize issues before they ever happen. Bring us your logistical plan, and we will analyze every possible pitfall. We’ll take a microscope to any prospective truck transfer, rail connection, or other on-the-ground operation. Our experts will collaborate with your supply chain planners or consultants as well as workers onsite to ensure everything goes smoothly. Additionally, we can be on-hand to assist as soon as possible. Here are just a few of the transfer operations we can optimize:
iconPort to Truck
iconPort to Rail
iconRail to Truck
iconTruck to Truck
iconTruck to Warehouse
iconContainer to Container
iconFacility Modification
OTS Disaster Relief
OTS offers services designed to help government, non-profit, and private organizations properly prepare for the moment after a disaster situation occurs.
We’ve leveraged our standing as international logistics experts with vast relationships around the globe to develop the capability of preparing, coordinating, and quickly delivering necessary supplies anywhere on the planet. Our industry relationships and connections also allow us the ability to orchestrate a significant and immediate logistical response to virtually any event that occurs without warning.
Another area of expertise, all things flexitank (design, deployment, and setup), offers us the ability to provide high-mass drinking water solutions anywhere on the planet from our food grade quality Shark Tank. Some of the specific services we provide include:
Stationary and Mobile Drinking Water Solutions
• Specialized OTS ground units• Units housed in 20’ containers• Mobile units housed in 20’ containers and set on chassis• Easily replaced or refilled while in use• Effective solutions for stationary headquarters, multiple aid points, and evolving disaster situations that necessitate mobile points of contact• All units are compatible with our manifold system specifically designed to be scaled up or down and used with OEC Shark Tanks• More potable water per shipment than traditional bottled or canned water options• All solutions can remain active or idle for extended periods of time• General security options
Disaster Relief Kits
Our disaster relief kits, which also feature our Shark Tanks, are designed to be quickly and easily assembled for emergency preparedness. Our team will train your staff on how to assemble the kit. These kits can also be easily stored, and they are built to last. Our kits will remain safe to use for extended periods of time. In addition, we offer a full turn-key option with our kits. Instead of allocating your own internal resources to deploy one of our units, we can send a team of OTS experts on short notice to set up all equipment in any time of need.