LA/LB Terminals New Storage Charge                

Dear Valued Customer, 


As a result of extreme port congestion, the port authorities of Los Angeles and Long Beach have announced a new storage charge on long dwell containers. The fee will start at $100 per container per day, beginning on the ninth day of dwell for local deliveries and the sixth day of dwell for railroad containers, and will increase by $100 per container per day exponentially.


This new storage fee came into effect on November 1, 2021. However the port authority will not start assessing this fee until November 15, 2021. We also anticipate other port authorities across the country to begin assessing similar punitive charges for excessive container dwells.


However, the southern California port authorities have hinted that if there is sufficient activity to evacuate these long dwell containers, they may issue a further 15 day extension before assessing the storage fee.


Therefore, in order to avoid or minimize the impact of these fees, we are advising all clients to prioritize and make every effort to evacuate their containers from ports as soon as possible, especially the southern California ports where these penalties are imminent.


Please feel free to contact your OEC Sales or Customer Service Representative with any questions.


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