US and China Reach Phase One of Trade Agreement



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Today, the United States and China reached the first phase of a trade agreement commencing a resolution to the ongoing trade war that began in March 2018. As such, the United States Trade Representative (USTR) announced the cancellation of the Section 301 List 4B tariff, which was previously supposed to take effect this weekend. 


Due to this agreement, the List 4B tariff, which was to be assessed beginning December 15, will not be charged and duty on List 4A will be reduced to 7.5%. US Customs & Border Protection will continue to assess tariffs on Lists 1, 2, and 3 at the same 25% duty rate.






Import Value Impacted

Duty Rate

Effective Date

1, 2, 3

$250 billion




$120 billion




$180 billion





For the full scope of this action, please review the USTR publications below:


United States and China Reach Phase One Trade Agreement


USTR Notice to Suspend List 4B Tariff Indefinitely


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