Update: LA/LB Terminals New Storage Charge

Dear Valued Customer, 


Pursuant to our message of November 17, 2021 which stated the new storage charge on long dwell containers has been delayed from November 15 to November 22, we have received notice of further deferral; therefore this charge will be in effect on Monday, November 29, 2021.


Based on communications with our carrier partners, some terminals and steamship lines will require payment prior to pickup, while others will bill after the fact. In the event that charges are billed after the fact, OEC will endeavor to invoice customers as quickly as possible. Please understand that importers will be liable for all charges regardless.


In order to avoid or minimize these charges it is imperative that customers expedite removal of their containers from the terminals in cases where OEC is solely managing the port delivery. It is the customers’ responsibility to remove their containers and OEC will not accept liability for any reason.


Also, please note, that the new dwell fees may be completely tax deductible as part of cost of goods sold. This benefit may minimize the financial impact these fees could have on your business. OEC suggests reaching out to your tax preparers to discuss how this could impact your specific situations.


Please feel free to contact your OEC Sales or Customer Service Representative with any questions.


Sincerely yours, 


OEC Group





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